What a weekend!

 It was amazing to watch The Lions beat the Wallabies to win the test series and then to watch Andy Murray win Wimbledon really topped things off on another incredible weekend for British sport. After watching the BBC documentary on how hard Andy Murray works on his conditioning there are a lot of lessons even amateurs and weekend warriors can take.

Sports injuries are part and parcel of an active lifestyle but managing injuries is something that should always take seriously.  Rehabilitation plays a major role in the road to recovery and insuring that the risk of future injury is minimised.

Injuries to any part of the body can often be attributed to poor function of the muscles that should stabilise that region- and unfortunately, once injury occurs this poor function only gets worse.

This is where musculoskeletal rehabilitation can help. By improving faulty movement patterns and engaging learning to engage the correct muscles at the right time anyone can reduce the likelihood of future injuries.

If you would like to discuss rehab or “prehab”- or have any questions about conditioning for the sort you play, please feel free to email info@ringwoodchiropractic.co.uk