Exercise resources

I don’t make my own exercise content but, below are links to the exercises I prescribe my patients.

If you are unsure about the exercises please contact me to ask. You can search for specific exercises related to your condition. If you have pain that is not covered on this page, please contact me for specific advice.

MacGill’s Big Three.

These exercises are the building blocks of a strong spine. They focus on engaging the core to help improve the strength and endurance of the mono-articular muscles of the spine. These muscles are vital in insuring a healthy low back.

A good youtube video can be found here

And here is a link to an article. It contains a lot of really important theory and tips on how to train the back. The spine is a very different system to the most other joints in the body and the lower back especially. It must be trained in a different way to other tissues. No pain no gain does not work for the spine.